Preference-to-Tactic Gap

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guy-on-gap767x248Let’s rethink what we know and what we do. Multiple factors drive the tactical marketing tools we choose and budget is usually a driving factor for our choices. Beyond budget, let’s take a page from MarketingSherpa’s juxtaposition of consumer preferences vs. marketer’s tactics; two separate research projects that may have you rethinking your marketing plans.

MarketingSherpa commissioned their own survey to learn about consumers’ preferences to receive messages when they are away from computers. This online survey was fielded August 20-24, 2015 with a nationally representative sample of U.S. consumers.

Consumer Survey Results.
They asked consumers, “Which of the following methods, if any, do you prefer companies to communicate with you when you are not at a computer? Please select all that apply.”

Consumers’ Top 5 Preferences: Click here for the graph
1) Print ads (47%)
2) Email on smartphone (37%)
3) Radio ads (24%)
4) Text messages (20%)
5) Billboards (17%)

Marketer Survey Results.
The list is eye-opening. And what do we marketers like to serve? Are we marketers in step? MarketingSherpa also asked marketers’ the question, slightly rephrased for this respondent group, “Which of the following methods do you use to reach customers when they are not at a computer? Please select all that apply?”

Marketers’ Top 5 Tactics: Click here for the graph
1) Email on their customers’ smartphones (65%)
2) Print ads (38%)
3) In-person conversations (35%)
4) Mobile apps from their brands (22%)
5) Text messages (18%)

The Preference-to-Tactic Gap. 
What are the factors that influence the reverse ranking of top two methods? The Sherpa article quotes marketers experiencing challenges with mobile service or access to messge delivery platforms with true mobile optimization. A key takeaway: The consumer list underscores the need for a full and integrated kit of marketing tactics.

Read MarketingSherpa’s full consumer survey article here and the full marketer survey article here.

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