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You are getting set for your next webinar and have your agenda, the content is clear and concise, a great speaker, the right audience is invited and is set to attend. What additional techniques would make or extend the success of your next webinar? Don’t overlook these additional ideas to engage and work on customer relationship building.

From using the pre-event time slot to warm-up the crowd (it works for Kimmel, and it can work for webinars, too, since a research shows the average live webinar viewer arrives 10 minutes before the event starts) to positioning the moderator a key expert, read on to learn get more ideas to impact your audience.

Specialized Information Publishers Association’s (SIPA), premiere of its Best Practices Series included a session on “Using Events to Create Lasting Customer Relationships,” with the following ideas:

1. Get your audience participating as quickly as possible.
2. Use multiple speakers.
3. Pause frequently and ask for questions.
4. Establish the moderator as an independent expert.
5. Don’t be shy about getting your nerd on.
6. Try a series, don’t stop at one event.
7. Always be relevant or create urgency.

Get more details on each point, read the entire article here.

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