Western Farm Press, the local  production information authority for farmers and producers across California and Arizona.

Farming is a local business and local approaches provide the focus of our content coverage which includes production insight, news, regulatory matters, policy perspective and events. Even when food products end up on dinner plates in Europe or Asia it starts with a local farmer or rancher that understands local weather, local cash markets, local soils, local growing  conditions and local production practices. Western Farm Press provides that perspective to California and Arizona growers.

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Show/Conference Emphasis Issue

  • World Ag Expo – February

Special Feature Section

  • Agricultural Technology and Irrigation section featured 2x annually (April and October) spotlights latest ag tech and irrigation for the Western region.

Western Farm Press Daily

Breaking news, policy production, marketing and management information that affects California and Arizona farmers and producers. Newsletter is delivered each weekday morning. Subscribers: 11,443. 

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The Grapeline

News on pests, disease management and other issues affecting California’s vineyards. Newsletter is distributed biweekly.

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Tree Nut Farm Press

Timely topics for managing tree nut crops. News about orchards and groves from growers and Pest Control Advisers. Newsletter is distributed biweekly.

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