Snapchat As a Marketing Tool

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snapchat as a marketing tool

Snapchat on the marketing horizon.

Real, authentic, spontaneous, unedited, now. Snapchat is attracting more users and marketers find it to be a developing marketing tool – ephemeral but in the moment.

Farmers are discovering it … get ready.

Rhea + Kaiser’s recent blog, “Snapchat as a Marketing Tool,” gives you some “getting started” and cautionary points to consider as you give Snapchat a try for your brands. Here’s a selection of ideas from the post:

Behind-the-scenes action: You want to show you are a fun company that’s doing cool things. This platform is a great way for you to share more and also to show your followers the things you’re doing and the events you’re attending.

Private content for viewers: Marketers can make a serious impact with product launches using apps like Snapchat. It’s an ideal opportunity to start teasing out videos and pictures of new products. Because these images last a few seconds, you can expect a fair amount of buzz to surge around your new offering.

Creating a customized Snapchat Geofilter
Creating your own geofilter is as dynamic as it is affordable. Businesses and individuals alike can purchase on-demand geofilters for their event, business, or a specific location. Whether it’s for an industry event, a work conference or just a general filter for your business location, geofilters make it easy for users to share real-time photos and videos with their friends.

Don’t miss this idea-sparking blog. Read Rhea + Kaiser’ full post: “Snapchat as a Marketing Tool.”

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