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Are you using the measurement that matches your goals and your market? What’s your Big E goal?

Ultimate Goal and Stepping Stones. 
Metrics keep our ROI on track and it’s easy to debate which metrics matter. Isn’t it common marketing sense that the metrics you use to indicate success should align with your campaign goals? Or is the email message, one of the top communication tools marketers like to use, a stepping stone to the goal. Of course, the answer is “both.” We set the ultimate goal and use the right tools to advance towards the goal; it’s important to have sub-goals to make sure we stay on the track toward the ultimate goal.

Email ROI. 
For years open rates were enough … even CTOR ratios. And beyond these measurements, how do know you are on the right track of building your customer base? Are you building the Big E … Engagement?

Engagement – beyond clicking on a link in the email message, did you capture the reader’s interest in your product or message enough to get them to interact with you beyond clicking on the link? Or even more key, did you have something for them beyond the email link? Taking your reader one more step beyond the click puts your campaign on the path to the Big E.

MarketingSherpa’s Marketing Chart of the Week (click for chart) on email research plots CTOR by industries. The narrative that goes with the chart has great summary email points. Scroll to the bottom so you don’t miss Michal Leszczynski’s three key mistakes to avoid when optimizing your email campaigns.

Read the full MarketingSherpa article here.

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