Would You Prank It?

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Jag- prank marketing

Prank = Buzz

We usually concentrate on authenticity and honesty in our marketing. Jaguar took a different approach and it’s benefiting them with scores of brand impressions. Would you do it?

Here’s what Jaguar did
If you track of who took home the Lions at Cannes, you may have seen this virtual reality (VR) “prank” that was actual reality. The Jag team displayed one of their latest models with the enticement of a VR experience while they sat in the passenger seat. The visitors didn’t get the VR – they got the AR.

Steal this idea for your show exhibit
How would you do it? How you would carry it off would vary by product, but what a creative perspective to thrill your customers and prospects. It may be too late for this year’s events, but there’s always next year. Think of the buzz.

Adweek posted an article with links to the pranked participants’ experiences. Check it out.

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