Authentic Engagement – The Buildup

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the buildup or overload

Authentic Engagement – The Buildup

If you are going “long” on your landing page, you are no doubt working on the buildup with compelling images, product information, benefits list and a reminder of why your reader should trust you and CTAs (Call To Action). When we stay focused on these key points we reap conversion rewards. Otherwise the experience can lead to overload.

Mighty CTA – Almighty Conversion – Show the Love
The objective of a longform landing page isn’t to keep putting something on the page with the hopes that something will appeal to your reader. The objective is to serve powerful content, build your story and serve winning CTAs. The authentic engagement you develop builds your conversions.

Avoid Overload
What compels your customers and prospects to convert, or click, can and often does vary depending upon the product or service, their past experience (with you or your competitors) and how you are building a compelling landing page with content. Does it make sense? Does your value proposition include benefits that will improve their business success, quality of life or filling a need you know they have? If you are a marketing junkie like me, you take your projects and jot down these factors on a regular basis as a creative exercise to keep your marketing focused on central product elements.

Test and Iterate
Conversions are always your goal and eliciting the almighty click-through is always the goal. Landing pages are a lot like the directions on a shampoo bottle, lather, rinse, repeat. If the first gen landing page isn’t working, change it.

Kissmetrics has a blog, “How to Structure a Longform Landing Page for Maximum Conversions,” on their website that is loaded with inspiring and tested ideas on what works well with longform landing pages, check it out here.

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