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CTAs – Above or Below the Fold?

I read a lot of marketing research and can give you references to studies on CTA (Call To Action) click-throughs placed above or below the “fold” on your web landing page.

My experience is I hedge the response by placing CTAs above AND below the fold as often as possible. I get a slightly higher CTR on the button above the fold and when I use a button up top and lower on the scroll-down, I get an overall higher rate.

What has been your experience?

I find that CTA placement isn’t always tied to location; it’s more related to what is near it or what has been presented before it. If you are placing a CTA lower on a scrolled page, elements such as a compelling copy and the quality of appropriate graphics leading up to the main CTA factor into your results.

Conversion rate up-tick factors:
More white space around central messaging – Apple is the champion of this technique
A list of benefits
High-quality images
Lengthening your landing page to incorporate your content without a busy or copy that is too small or hard to read

Testing matters. If you aren’t getting the conversions you expect, change your content … and/or CTA placement. Then, compare results.

Marc Schenker’s article on Readz has put together a succinct article that explores both sides of the CTA above/below debate. Read his article titled, “Why The Fold Is A Lie & How To Get Awesome Conversions Anywhere,” check it out here.


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