Food marketing transformation: It affects the entire supply chain

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Mark Williams, senior vice president, administration at Bader Rutter, presents key perspectives on the urgency and rapid marketing transformation throughout the food supply chain. Consumers are more connected and have access to more information about what’s behind the products in the grocery stores, presenting food industry decision-makers with great marketing opportunities and perils.

Here’s an excerpt from Mark’s blog:

Build a story around what your brand stands for.

In today’s social media-driven world, telling a story has become a key way, and often the preferred way, to communicate. From individuals to companies, everyone has a unique story to tell. What’s yours? For insights, explore your competitive advantages, aspirational goals and company values, as these will lay foundation for the chapters in your story. Keep your key customer audiences in mind. How do they value the products and service you provide? What is expected of your company at different points along the customer’s buyer’s journey? Keep your story positive and focus on what your company stands for and not what it’s against. Get employees involved by contributing and providing input. Vet the story internally and gain acceptance so everyone in the company believes in the story.

Delivering the story: It’s everyone’s responsibility.

From the front-line sales contact to the CEO and among the many individuals who sit in the cubicles and customer service desks throughout the office, everyone should be trained to effectively deliver your unique story. Key messages are not useful if people are not trained properly in how to deliver them. Your brand story won’t mean much if it just turns into a game of telephone.

The entire article is a must read and reminds us all to make sure all levels of personnel in our companies can be brand ambassadors. Read the entire blog here.

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