State of Email Report – 2016

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LitmusReport767x248Understanding what makes good email messages tick. Litmus’ latest (2016) email marketing summary report.

Here’s a great “catch-up” tutorial and reference for marketers on email technology, a “state of the industry” approach. If you haven’t read this, you need to get this report.

A couple topics are a bit to tech-nerdy but they are key concepts for marketers to understand to build better email messages and solve related problems. You will enjoy the graphics and it’s well written. This isn’t an endorsement of Litmus … you can ignore their sales pitch.

About the report from the Litmus website, report background:
This year, Litmus tracked over 13 billion opens worldwide using email analytics to highlight trends across all industries and verticals. Also profiled are updates to delivery and spam that could impact your campaign results, as well as summaries of all the new email applications and how to optimize for them.

Download your copy of the report here.

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